Forgotten me.

In a richer pasture of life, I have found the truth between green and dye. I am but a servant of God who has been given free will to forge the gap between destiny and child. ~ Falak.


With no sense at all I wander through the night. My eyes seek what I deeply yearn, a glimpse of thee, in a wandering path of existence. To me I am forever challenging my boundaries, trying hard to be a little less human a little more saint. Oh, how it pains my desires to let go of its needs, in hopes of a better tomorrow a more revered soul. I’ve come to believe that the soul is the true existence, our body is a mere avatar but our soul has no memory of what we truly are, it can only provide us with glimpses. Our true expectations, wants and needs were erased from our memory prior to being sent down to earth. We succumb to what we see, what we believe to be real. The need of our body take over the needs of our soul, for who we are is lost somewhere in transit in our fatal subconscious. I only have a loud voice in my heart that tells me to keep believing; and I do, I merely do. This search for greatness is what keeps me believing that there is something out there worth finding, worth being mortal for.

~ Me.

Eyes shut

Today my thoughts are pensive, deep lived within my soul I gather what was told and lose what was foretold. I close my eyes and type my mind as it wanders through the desert green. My brain phantom’s a larger me not by size but by existence solely unclean. I have become what I was doomed an unreasonable brave soul and yet I am what I believe and still I live confused. How serene this world could be if we all closed our eyes and wandered. For my thoughts are stronger than the sight I see for my words more peaceful than my soul. I am writing this message solely blinded with my fingertips leading my mind, for I have always wanted to explore these territories which lay buried deep in my psyche. I speak for words unspoken, I lay a courageous fight. For I am what I perceive and yet I stay blind. If my husband saw me doing this he would know exactly what was wrong he knows me for who I am, my beauty kindled and spurned. He wishes I’d write a ballad or two, a love saga unsung. But my mind is so untrue to me as it drifts with its own new tune, like a river that inches with each droplet to make a pattern of seas. I wish I could write on forever and ever unstopping as my thoughts unfold but I live a life so demanding were work conceals the soul, for I have to make a future and that baffles my inner core. For I am what I believe and yet I am so bemused…

~ Falak