Eyes shut

Today my thoughts are pensive, deep lived within my soul I gather what was told and lose what was foretold. I close my eyes and type my mind as it wanders through the desert green. My brain phantom’s a larger me not by size but by existence solely unclean. I have become what I was doomed an unreasonable brave soul and yet I am what I believe and still I live confused. How serene this world could be if we all closed our eyes and wandered. For my thoughts are stronger than the sight I see for my words more peaceful than my soul. I am writing this message solely blinded with my fingertips leading my mind, for I have always wanted to explore these territories which lay buried deep in my psyche. I speak for words unspoken, I lay a courageous fight. For I am what I perceive and yet I stay blind. If my husband saw me doing this he would know exactly what was wrong he knows me for who I am, my beauty kindled and spurned. He wishes I’d write a ballad or two, a love saga unsung. But my mind is so untrue to me as it drifts with its own new tune, like a river that inches with each droplet to make a pattern of seas. I wish I could write on forever and ever unstopping as my thoughts unfold but I live a life so demanding were work conceals the soul, for I have to make a future and that baffles my inner core. For I am what I believe and yet I am so bemused…

~ Falak

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