I missed New Years Eve

I don’t know about most people but I always put so much pressure on myself for wanting to celebrate New Years or to be a part of a ritualistic tradition that I get serious FOMO (talk about not shopping on Blackfriday or at least trying to buy something I need, I usually end up with nothing). Most of you may not know but i’m an extroverted introvert I really don’t like to party (coffee with a friend is my kind of party) so i don’t even know why I’d feel the need to celebrate in some manner. Honestly maybe i just felt the need to do something exciting like everyone else was. My family back home always cut cake for fun (we do this a lot in India – don’t ask!) I went out once to NYC to see the ball drop and I missed my mom so much that I promised that I’d never leave her home again on NYE & then I got married and moved far away haha. My husband on the other hand didn’t do or care to do anything on new years! I was so shocked and disappointed that he’d fall asleep before the ball dropped in NYC and was always so chill about being different. Initially I would find fault with him but then accepted who he was and let it go. But for the first time in years I forgot all about New Year’s Eve and was merrily busy cleaning my kitchen. I was so happy that when I went to bed I realized I completely missed it. (I had known all day but by evening oops it was gone). Obviously there is nothing wrong in celebrating or being excited about celebrating but I just had to share my experience of how once my happiness was linked to something else but last night Alhamdullilah I was just happy! Happy being me! No pressure to party, no pressure to ring in the new years with some excitment. I just truly enjoyed cleaning my kitchen so much that unknowingly it was the most fun new years eve I’ve ever had. 🙂 I went to bed happy alhamdullilah and woke up happy ringing in just another beautiful day filled with goodness! All that said, happy new year folks! Stay true to yourself, be real, & be positively you, I know I will try to do so more often, Insha’Allah!