This year has taught us a lot. Different lessons from different individuals, but what it should have taught humanity is that it is lacking in compassion and empathy. We are more troubled everyday by the demise of innocent people and yet we cannot do anything but sympathize and move on. Let’s try to teach our children to build better communities and to be able to permeate in societies as bearers of righteous deeds who stand up against evil. We can all be super heroes who fight crime, may it be verbally, judicially, spiritually or empathetically. Let’s learn to respect another human being as much as we respect our own selves. And yes, let’s learn to respect ourselves. Do not think you are above someone because you are more knowledgeable or have a certain standing in society or have sinned less or differently than others. All of us will end to dust so learn to respect the time we have. Go beyond your family today and show the world that humanity is universal. Spend a dime in someone else’s name, give to those who are less fortunate, feed someone who may need a bite to survive, or just help your neighbor shovel the snow. Stand up for the weak and strengthen your self, help a kid with a low self-esteem, and educate the uneducated. There are many within our own community who cannot read, help spread the wealth of knowledge. It is the MOST important asset you can give to someone. Learn to be aware of the people around you don’t be blinded by your love for someone if someone needs help… accept it, and get them the help they need. Do not wait for them to commit a crime to understand the seriousness of their mental and emotional health. Be there for your children, for your family, for your fellow human being and also for your fellow living beings. You are lucky enough to be guarded, blessed, and living, do something to make it worthwhile. May God bless you and hope you have a safe, prosperous and compassionate year ahead, insha’Allah.