A Touch of Solace.

In times of hate in times of war,
We all seem to be jumbled in a time so lost.
We wake up each morning wondering what’s next,
In hopes of making this day better than the rest.
Is it so hard to move in peace?
To forgive, forget and live not like beast?
I hope we learn to care some day
To make this world a little less gray
I am no one but one sole human being,
Trying to find light amidst the unseen.
But one person at a time is all it takes
Before we know it’ll be the whole human race
Change is permanent among all in store
So why not change the world gone so cold
So please join hands and bring some warmth
And give this world what it has lost.
A child of love, a child of peace
A child that could nurture the greatest beast.

Faith ~ isn’t found it is nurtured within you.

~ Falak Zaffer.