Mirrors of life: An uncertainty that binds us to our familiarities.

It is weird how we tend to let go of things and yet hold on to that very minute part not realizing how, that tiny part is its essence on its own. We fail to recognize that it too like all the others has once again become a part of our being, a part of us that makes us a whole.Relationships are of such a wonderful nature. We tend to move on, we tend to believe that its all done but how many of us really forget and let it out of our minds forever? It is impossible to do so, because with every break up or heartbreak, or with every moment of happiness, pleasure, anger and sorrow we learn and when we learn we treasure.Love, relationships, feelings, needs that entire jungle of emotions can make life seem so demanding mindlessly confusing. However, if we take a step back and look at it for a moment without any prejudice, it could possibly just be another facet of the diamond. A diamond that sparkles more in the sun, which brings out beautiful colors with a spec of light. That spec of light in life is hope. Hope is something we all dwell in, we all keep on craving more off, we all live for. If it weren’t for hope, would there truly be love? I wouldn’t want to leave you with a question but if you think about it, the answer is pretty simple. Hope is the only sanity left in human kind probably the only distinctive feature a man yet preserves.

Yours truly,
March 7th, 2005.