One year after our engagement:

Life is what I always dreamed it to be but it’s a strange feeling because once a dream becomes reality you begin to wonder if you really are dreaming. We somehow go on living a life unaware of the fact that it’s all real, it’s all happening now and here. We are together building a life from scratch a family of two willing to grow into the future and bonding in times of hardships and strength. My husband now a part of me has grown to be inseparable from my set of believes, my achievements and my failures. Our lives have twined in a fashion that unconsciously we thread into one. Forgetting that we are in fact two different people…

My husband is my epiphany of truth and with him by my side I am ready to salvage my world from all the troubles that we may face.

A note to you Shonz:

I am blessed to have you by my side for you are someone who is so much like me and yet different, someone who completes my shortcomings and I hope that I complete yours. You truly are my reflection and through you’re eyes I see my present. A scary thought for others but somehow I do believe that our world does revolve around each other.

With a tender kiss I give myself to you forever
and through all the vows we’ve made
our life will never be undelivered

You for me and I for you I stated
and this is how it’s been and will continue
for our love will never be outdated

I thank God for you everyday
and sometimes it’s hard to hold my tears
It’s a little scary to love someone so much
but I just pray that God gives us many such years.

With you every step of the way.

You’re Companion & Wife.

Constant World

I lived a life along the docks
Where the breeze was fluid and the ocean warm
A peaceful life with no hard spots
Among the rocks were my calmest thoughts

In the grim moon light
Came a fierce storm
That took away life and pleasures with
It was all gone in seconds to spare
My beautiful paradise lost n’ bare

What went wrong I thought and wondered?
Did the oceans loose its calm?
To the savage underworld…
It couldn’t be I blamed in vain
For life was no longer to be without pain

I later found out the storm was mocked
It was the dams that broke loose and caused a rot
Water gushed from every barrier
Created by man in hopes of
Taming nature’s carrier

I lost all hopes in this land
For mankind was doomed no matter where
I thought in patience for where I’d go
I realized therein that this was home

I built a life from scratch again
It was tiring but worth the same
To rebuild my paradise remained my goal
And I never lost hope within my soul

I stood back after a year to gaze amidst
It was beautiful again with no more rifts
I hoped and prayed that life would remain
And people would let nature live untamed.

~ Falak
November 10, 2007.