Being Human

I’ve always been crediting myself with the nonsense of being more spiritual than religious, but lately I’ve been in this oblivion and have come to accept that I’m neither spiritual nor religious ‘I am only daringly human!’ A human with a need for God. With a need for something out there that makes more sense than my life does, is more responsible than I am, and is holier than I am. I am tired of answering to my own self, my own deep set values and my own chivalrous ego. I am counting on God to make sense of it all. Is it sad that I am waiting for the end to understand why it all began?

It is me.

It may be a playground for my soul… but the earth digs deep into my veins freezing my bones. We often seize at the thought of our end but forget about the beginning, the beginning where the soul is free from free will and is ready to live for eternity.

I am the shadow of myself, for it is me who lives within this body. It is me who see’s the wonders, it is me who see’s the depth. I am loved by myself, for it is me who enters this world. It is me who knows what love is, it is me who feels the pain. It is my soul.

My soul is my shadow, my soul is my heart, my soul is my love, my soul is my senses, my soul is free of gender and my soul is forever timeless.