Teach don’t preach

Fear is never meant to be a child’s guiding principle.

Faith is, compassion is, love is… so when teaching a child about religion, don’t guide them through fear.

Fear is only used to explain Allah (SWT) justice as one of His many attributes. You take heed of His Might, you believe in it, for He will bring the unjust to justice.

You don’t fear Allah (SWT), you respect His warnings, Just like a mom tells her child not to touch something hot and they still touch it. It is out of the mother’s love that she warns the child… and it is out of disobedience that the child burns his finger. Similarly when God tells us to live our life a certain way, a righteous life, and warns us of the hereafter, fear, isn’t the guiding principle, it is still love.


Ibn Al Qayyim said: “The heart on its journey towards Allah the Exalted is like that of a bird. Love is its head, and fear and hope are its two wings. When the head is healthy, then the two wings will fly well. When the head is cut off, the bird will die. When either of two wings is damaged, the bird becomes vulnerable to every hunter and predator.”

“When Allah completed the creation, He wrote in His Book which is with Him on His Throne, “My Mercy overpowers My Anger””

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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