Friday Khutbah – June 6th 2014 – Masjid Al-Faatir.

Some points to ponder and remember from yesterday’s Khutbah:

  • Is my deen safe in my heart? Or is the temporary extinguishing the permanent. You must work to protect it and not take it for granted. 
  • Sins do have weight and you don’t want to have to carry that.
  • Don’t look at the sin look at who you sinned against.
  • A small sin that you persist in is no longer a small sin.
  • A Muslims constant dua should be: “Do not change my heart once you have guided me.”
  • A Muslim does not feel safe till he passes the gates of Jannah, because shaytaan is constantly trying to misguide us: If he can’t make us commit a big sin he will try making us commit a small sin, if he can’t make us commit a small sin he will try making us do nothing (i.e. be lazy), if he can’t make us do any of these things he will try putting pride in our hearts.
  • A Muslim lives in a state of hope and fear


Those whom they call upon, themselves seek the means of access to their Lord– whoever of them is nearest– and they hope for His mercy and fear His chastisement; surely the chastisement of your Lord is a thing to be cautious of. Al-Isra ayah 57.

Some hadiths regarding a believer living in a state of hope and fear:

Abu Rowzbari said:

“Fear & hope are like the two wings of a bird.

If they are well balance, the flight will be well balanced.

But if one is stunted, the flight would also be stunted.

And to be sure, if the two are lost, the bird will soon be in the throes of death.”

Musnad Ahmed & Tirmidhi have a report narrated by ‘A’isha (RA): 

She said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Concerning the verse – “Those who give out of what they have been given, but their hearts are fearful (Al-Mu’minun, 60)” “Is it talking about someone who commits adultery, drinks wine & steals?”

He replied – “No, O daughter of Siddiq. It is speaking of a man who fasts, prays, gives in charity but is fearful that all that might not be accepted.”

Hasan al Busri said: “They acted, by Allah, obediently, striving hard, but feared that their efforts might be thrown back at them. The believer combines extreme piety with fear. On the contrary, the hypocrite combines evil acts with self-satisfaction.”

Tirmidhi: Hadrat Anas (ra) narrates that Allah’s Messenger (saw) once visited a young man who was at death’s door. The Prophet (saw) asked him, “In what state do you find yourself now?” The young man replied, “O Messenger of Allah! My state is that I am hopeful of Divine Mercy, but, at the same time, there is fear of punishment for the sins (I have commited).” The Prophet (saw) remarked, “Believe it, in whose heart the two feelings of hope and fear are present at the time of death, Allah will surely grant him what he confidently expects from His Mercy and keep him safe from the punishment he fears in his heart.”



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