Forever in peace

A face in the subway
Shies away from the horde
In hopes through despair
She waits for her lover aboard

Her eyes seek patiently
From one stop to the next
While holding on to the railing
With every single breath

A man passes her by
Trying to look into her eyes
She gives a blank glance
As he loses his poise

A shiver runs down her soul
When she finally sees
Her lover with flowers
Behind the doors of steel

They kick off their heels
When they hug in deep embrace
With no worries nor shame
Just a little cry from within

The had been lost for years
In the midst of war
Palestine, Israel
They had seen it all

Had they not wept
For years & years on
For their eyes were soar
But their love evermore strong

A beautiful journey
Was to beget
As the train passed them by
Departing a sigh

What a taste of relief
It was to be
When suddenly the planes crashed
In New York City

They rushed for shelter
Amongst the crowd
But their they stood
In the heat of it all

Running away from wars
Was no great defeat
For the wars followed them
All the way from Mid-east

Their story ended
Far away from home
Under the rumble
Lay two departed souls

~ Falak

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