Pursuit of Lost Passion

How many of us really know what passion truly means anymore? How many of us are strong enough to let it out and let it lead us through the garden of life. Its’ color its vibrance is so hard for us to embellish but once broken free it’s as beautiful as paradise itself, filled with bountiful flowers and ever green land. Like a river that never ends curving through every corner with such elegance as if it were hugging a beautiful woman’s body. Passion when let out can conquer all hearts, weak and strong. It can pacify everyone’s needs; it can indulge in every ones spirit and find a comfortable abode in a man’s mind. Passion is the undeniable truth that not everyone is strong enough to release but once out it’s all up to us then.

Delivering ones true potential, true identity and desire is so hard to understand these days, it’s like we are all stuck in this huge maze of ambition that what we truly want is lost in there somewhere. Our options have grown vast with such intensity that people no longer know how to look within for what they want. Instead we all seem to look outwards to make a choice, to make that one decision of life. I guess what they say is true, the grass is always greener on the other side because today in the 21st century unlike the yesteryears what life is all about is “there are so many choices out there, which one should I pick”. It’s like we have all forgotten what we hold in our hearts and just live on trying to figure out where we fit in….we as a human race have forgotten to find the peace within. Sad but true… we have lost against the race of need versus want. And that has become the undeniable truth.

“Undying spirits of the pretentious world fail to recognize the true hero within.

For hearts cherish for what’s truly worth their needs sadly leave all its pure passion behind.

How serenely the worldly act of forging one another is at is most powerful peak for what’s worth nothing…

but sadly we live on whisking away the future in hopes to become what is called the high society cream.”

~ Yours heavenly, Falak.

2 thoughts on “Pursuit of Lost Passion

  1. This is my favorite writing of yours because you sound so much like a sociologist. lol and I know what you are trying to say. You are looking at the heart of today’s society and it’s future. I am touched by this one! so proud.


  2. Yes I couldn’t have put it better the heart of today’s society has lost its way. Or maybe we just rely too much on GPS nowadays that we ourselves have forgotten to look for directions we just follow what the Navigation system has in store for us. We’ve become too lazy to understand our talent. Btw, if you like this one you might like Say Cheese Mr. Valentine it has a lot to do with Freud’s theory of an asocial being. me 🙂


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