An Apology

I’ve seen her through the years, giving her life up for the betterment of her loved ones and in return all she got was a bed in an old age home. I’m not sure how to react in such a situation or how to even comprehend what must go on in the old lady’s mind but it hurts to know that even I have become a spectator in this game of HER life. People I know stop and feel bad at her fate but not one to stretch their hand out and take her in to their care. Yes, it’s easy to say that I miss her, I love her, I feel bad for her… I wish I could do something, but is all of that good enough or can we really do something? I wonder when was the last time somebody paid her a visit in the broken down nursing home or even stopped to say hello… Everyone seems to be restricted by either one of the three factors Time, fate and money ever wonder how these very different forms, factors and features got blended into one. How is it that these three things end up prescribing the new meaning of life? Through the eyes of a daughter I have failed to live up to her expectations & all that I am worth doing is apologizing.

Dedicated to my great aunt – I am sorry.

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