Say Cheese Mr. Valentine…

Ever wonder why relationships are such a major crisis and yet a major necessity in ones personal growth and well being? Is it even an issue or have we forced ourselves subliminally into believing that loneliness is a bad thing? Life it self requires an individual to grow in a social conduct forcing one to follow the rules of moral dignity, righteousness and communal upbringing. We being social animals, have made life unimaginable to live without a set of relationships, may it be with our parents, siblings, friends or even our lover. To make things more complicated, special days and occasions have been put in place to celebrate each of these relationships, as if coping up with them wasn’t hard enough. Now what if you don’t fit into these criteria’s or fall short of one or more of these relationships? Does that prove that you are incomplete as a person and are doomed for the rest of your life? If not why is a negative connotation put into the words ‘the lonely lady next door who lives with her cat’? Is it really that important to have someone by your side for the rest of your life or is it just a matter of our social view that has been drilled into our heads over the years? Do emotions, feelings really exist or was it just the harshness of the ‘survival of the fittest’ that brought us together. Was Freud right when he said that human beings by nature are amoral and asocial beings who do not live happily in a society and do so only to make communal life possible and to fulfill one’s own ‘pleasure principle’. Ah! So many questions but who is to know or lay out the truth of what is to be truly human? However, taking a step back into the hot topic of the day ‘relationships’. All I heard from single women today was ‘Valentines day sucks’ with a moping face as if their life just got worse due to St. Valentine. Yah its a pretty good occasion to be with the one you love and to tell them just how much you care, but why is it necessary to feel left out if you don’t have that special someone. Sometimes I really wonder if people are genuinely sad for being alone on a day like this or do they just loathe their very existence, or is it just that they all of a sudden feel the need to have someone else pay attention to their self-revolving world. A part of me does wish to be with someone as well, a part of me does feel lost and wishes for someone to pay extra attention towards me, but then I wonder; do I really need someone or am I just looking to sustain my never ending want for emotional pleasure. Well if that is right, then Freud was a genius to figure out human beings but if people are social beings and do wish for companionship then God surely needs to send a martyr down to save our ever so lonely souls.

Falak, February 14th 2004.

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